SizeGenetics vs. X4 Labs: What Should You Invest On?

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What is the ideal penis size? A study from the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) says that the flaccid penis should be on average of 3.61 inches while the erect penis should be 5.61 inches. This means that most men fit within what is considered “normal,” but that’s not what most of these men feel—including you.

If you repeatedly have thoughts about your manhood not being big enough, you are not alone. Many men around the world also think the same about their penis size, which usually results in insecurities that even cause a condition called small penis syndrome.

But these days, you don’t have to live with just the dream of having a bigger penis because you can already invest in a penis extender to give you that extra boost you need. Here, we compare SizGenetics Vs. X4 Labs, two of the most popular penis extenders in the market today.


Anyone who’s ever researched penis extenders has come across SizeGenetics. In fact, thousands of users swear by its efficiency, and it’s touted as the “real deal” by consumers from around the world.

SizeGenetics boasts of being clinically tested and medically approved as a safe device to use for extending the size of the penis. It has been proven to be as effective as undergoing surgery, sans the cost and complications.

What separates this device from other penis extenders is that it can be worn over just every type of trousers, well except skinny jeans.

How to Use SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is a fairly small device, which is why it’s best worn on a flaccid penis. You can also wear it even while you’re out because it’s unnoticeable if worn under loose clothing. This allows for faster results because you can wear the penis extender consistently. 

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To use SizeGenetics, you simply need to dry your penis and let it settle to a semi-erect state. You can then easily insert your penis through the device’s base ring and secure the head on the silicone ring. After securing the comfort pad, you can adjust the traction level, depending on your comfort level.

The manufacturers of SizeGenetics suggest that you should wear the device for at least 5 to 6 hours every day. You can wear it for 2 hours with 15-minute breaks in between until you’re comfortable enough to wear it straight for 6 hours.

While you are not required to wear the device every day for 6 hours, adhering to this recommended period will allow you to see the results faster.

But if your work requires a lot of sitting or uncomfortable wearing anything while you’re out, you can just wear it whenever you can and wait for the results, which usually takes six months or more.

The Pros

  • Reliability. SizeGenetics is manufactured by a company that has been in business for almost two decades, so you can rely on it to follow the highest quality standards possible.
  • Quality. SizeGenetics uses only high-grade materials to ensure both the efficiency and safety of the product. It has been proven to withstand constant use, and its traction is designed to guarantee efficient results.
  • Results. SizeGenetics is proven to offer an average growth of 19% in girth and 28% in length after 4-6 months of use.

The Cons

  • Cold metal bars. The metal bars that come with the device can be cold and uncomfortable during usage.
  • Expensive. SizeGenetics is one of the more expensive penis extenders in the market. But if you’re willing to make the investment, you’ll surely enjoy the benefits.
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X4 Labs

X4 Labs cannot be outdone with its highly advanced ergonomic design and proven results when it comes to efficiency. This penis extender has been in the market for more than ten years, and it’s both FDA and CE approved for use in increasing the size of your penis.

X4 Labs also claims to increase the size of your manhood by 3.3 inches within six months of use, and you can choose from 5 different models available depending on your preference:

  • The starter edition ($199.95). This beginner package has the basic device and accessories offering 1,600g of tension and a one-year warranty.
  • The deluxe ($295.95) and Peyronie’s ($349.95) edition. Both these packages offer the same amount of tension with their extra extension bars, a silicone harness, comfort strap memory foam, and a five-year warranty.
  • The gold edition ($395.95). This device is made from 24-carat gold and comes with all the accessories from the other packages.
  • The gold premium edition ($495.95). This package comes with the same 24-carat gold device but with more tension springs, extension bars, accessories, and a lifetime warranty.

The Pros

  • Reliability. X4 Labs has been the go-to penis extender of thousands of men for more than ten years now. It’s also FDA-approved, and CE certified, making it one of the most reliable products in the market today.
  • Flexibility. X4 Labs is one of only a few penis extenders that offer a wide range of options depending on your needs and budget. All of these packages are guaranteed to give you the results that you need.
  • Value for money. This penis extender is cheaper than most popular brands, but it offers just the same efficiency as its more expensive counterparts.
  • Comfort. X4 Labs has a quad support system, making it one of the most comfortable penis extenders to wear even for an extended period of time.
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The Cons

  • Long waiting time. Like most conventional penis extenders, you can’t expect X4 Labs to increase the size of your penis overnight. With extended and consistent use, you will start to see results within six months. You can then stop using the device or wear it for an extended period of time until you get the results you want.

The Verdict

So, the question in this battle of SizeGenetics Vs. X4 Labs is: which one is better? The answer will depend on what you’re looking for in a penis extender and how much you’re willing to invest in it.

Both these products have been on the market for years now, and they’ve established their names for being reliable in extending penis length and girth in the safest and most comfortable way possible.

The trick to choosing the right penis extender is to know your options, do your research, and find out what’s most suitable for your needs.

Read reviews, as for recommendations, and check product descriptions before placing your order. Of course, you also need to follow instructions to ensure that you get the best results from your investment.

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