Phallosan Forte Review

A healthy sex life keeps the relationship balanced. For some women, the penis size matters in bed.  Despite the reassuring, “it is enough” phrase, most men feel insecure when they think they have small equipment.

Although this can be compensated in many ways, men’s insecurity can significantly affect their emotional and psychological well-being, often leading to poor sexual performance.

Today, small or below average-sized penis can be remedied through various male enhancement solutions. Men suffering in silence can now boost their self-esteem and their size without going through the knife.  And Phallosan Forte might be a good choice for those who want a non-invasive solution at a reasonable price.

The same with many male enhancers available, which promised an increase in length and too good to be true results, we will review if Phallosan Forte can truly deliver the results they talked about.

Phallosan Forte currently offers our readers 4 extra sleeve condoms (worth over $100).

Phallosan Forte Overview

phallosan forte review

Phallosan Forte is a doctor-approved medical device for patients who want to improve their penis size. It is one of the leading brands in the market medically used to treat curved penis and positively affects penis growth length and girth wise.

How Does It Work?

Phallosan Forte features a patented vacuum technology that might answer your penile issues faster. Apart from growth and girth size, Phallosan Forte also corrects curved penises. A curve penis gives it a shrink and smaller look.

So, it does not only give your penis a good and straighter look but increases the length without pain.

With over 18 years of experience in the orthopedic elongation system, it has developed and improved its penis enlargement and penis straightening in the most comfortable way possible. The penis is continuously stimulated by gentle stretching.  The vacuum acts start from the glans and the entire penis. The continuous stretching stimulates the penis tissue to build new cells. Tissues that have been split up and broken down will re-grow to be bigger and stronger in the healing process.

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The force applied to the penis muscle leads to the reproduction of cells, making it enlarged and lengthened.

The Phallosan Forte system is straightforward. Simply attach the device to your penis, secure the penis in the vacuum to keep it in place, and leave your equipment stretched for at least 4-5 up to 12 hours a day.

With constant use, when new tissues have developed within the areas of your penis, this may give you more remarkable results.

How to Use the Device

Again, the penile is easy to use but just to give you an idea, here’s how:

  • First, you have to determine the head of the penis’ size or circumference for the correct selection of membrane size. Then, put the appropriate size of the membrane on the head of the penis.
  • Pass the penis through the ring base until it reaches the pubic bone.
  • Place the extenders on the spring mechanism.
  • Insert the protective cap into the vacuum chamber and insert the head of the penis in the chamber.
  • Make 2-3 clicks to create a vacuum with a pump.
  • Close the valve using the rotary mechanism on the chamber.
  • Position the rod extender using the attachment into the vacuum chamber.
  • Attach the elastic belt at the base of your penis and your hips.
  • Then, adjust the tension using the knurled swivel nuts. The system will then do a constant and gentle stretching on your penis to stretch it conveniently and safely.

Other Phallosan Forte Benefits

Other than extending the size of the penis, Phallosana Forte also offers additional benefits that can be advantageous to gentlemen who have other penile issues such as:

  • Retracted penis. Men who are overweight or obese usually deal with a retracted penis. Excessive fat around the lower abdomen makes the penis look smaller or shorter.

The demands of active sex life can cause insecurity and low self-esteem resulting in unsatisfactory sexual intercourse. Before, this issue can only be corrected through surgery or weight loss.

But with Phallosan Forte, gentlemen now have the option to enhance their penis without physical activity, weight loss, or surgery.

  • Erectile dysfunction. Phallosan Forte extender helps improve the blood flow to the penis, which aids in achieving an erection, especially for men who have erectile dysfunction due to diabetes.
  • Curved penis. Phallosan Forte system aids in correcting Peyronie’s disease or curved penis.
  • Post prostate surgery recovery. Anyone who has undergone prostate surgery will have to regain sexual function. Phallosan Forte might be a great device to help out with the recovery process.
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What’s in the Package?

Your purchase of Phallosan Forte includes the necessary parts for that successful penile enhancement.

  • The protector cap. This cap is placed on the penis tip to minimize discomfort associated when wearing the Phallosan Forte extender.
  • The suction bell.  This is where you will insert your penis, available in small, medium, and large sizes. The suction bell serves as the vacuum to keep the penis in place.
  • The tension clip. This part is where you will adjust the level of tension applied to your belt. The tension level can be monitored through the light indicators on the clip.
  • The suction ball with a 3-way valve. This part acts as a regulator for the vacuum pressure and tension. Increasing or decreasing the level of tension or pressure can be done manually.
  • The elastic belt. This is made of specialized material to help support the entire Phallosan Forte system. Its elastic belt is basically made available to secure the device and your penis in place.

Is It Worth the Price?

The regular price of Phallosan Forte is $379 including the shipping fee. Given the positive feedback and their experience in the male enhancement category, the price is affordable compared to other competing brands.

It also has a two-year warranty on all parts, excluding protector caps and vacuum condoms. Competing brands only have a one-year warranty. I am in favor of the two-year warranty coverage, as this gives users extended coverage for the device when unintentionally broken.

But even if your device is no longer within the warranty coverage period, you can easily replace and upgrade parts and accessories for as low as $20.

The new accessories and parts allow users to get rid of old parts without buying the entire Phallosan Forte package.

I also love the plain packaging feature as their way of keeping the purchase anonymous. No one has to know what is in the box and who ordered it.

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Pros and Cons


  • Your penis will see significant growth after the initial usage period of 6 months (provided that you have followed proper usage). Your penis size will increase in not only length but also the size of your penis head.
  • The device may also help increase the duration of your erection.
  • Phallosan may also aid in other issues like premature ejaculation.
  • The device works in all penis sizes. You just need to determine your size and pick the appropriate membrane for your size.
  • Phallosan Forte can be worn only for at least 4-5 hours daily but can be extended up to 12 hours without discomfort.
  • Phallosan Forte can help straighten your penis most, especially for those suffering extreme curvature.
  • Phallosan Forte requires no other medication or solution to achieve maximum results.
  • You can use the device anytime you like, day or night. You can even wear this even when you are out or working. Phallosan Forte can be worn under your regular clothes (excluding skinny jeans) without being obvious.


  • You have to consult with a professional doctor first before using the Phallosan Forte. Your doctor may need to determine if your body is healthy enough to handle the device’s benefits.
  • You cannot use the device if you have exposed wounds in your organ or areas near your sexual organ.
  • Using Phallosan Forte does not grow your penis to your desired size. You have to understand that once you have reached the size according to your body’s limit, Phallosan Forte cannot grow it any further.
  • Results vary from individual to individual.

Phallosan Forte Review: Final Thoughts

Professor Dr. Sohn confirms the effectiveness of Phallosan Forte, but it does not stop them from improving the product. Although Phallosan Forte is in the market for 20 years already, it continues to innovate.

It is also much affordable, considering the research and time they have invested in, compared to competing brands.

Phallosan Forte can save you a significant amount of money and risk compared to getting a procedure. Since it can be hidden under your regular clothes, you can wear it anytime, anywhere, for maximum results.