SizeGenetics Review

Sex in relationships is an essential element to make it more exciting and fun. Some women would say that size does not matter, but a strong and bigger penis means extra satisfaction for some women.

Penile size remains to be a great concern among men. But how about those who are born with smaller manliness?

There are several ways of enhancing your size; pills, surgery, extenders, and others. With so many options available in the market, it is just a matter of getting the solution that works for you.

But here’s one solution that might be a good choice for gentlemen who desire to boost their confidence and member: SizeGenetics.

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What Is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics is a brand of penis extenders featuring an array of solutions fit your needs and budget. The brand has a value edition, which is a cost-effective option without compromising quality and the effectiveness of achieving a larger penis.

SizeGenetics is an FDA-cleared medical device endorsed by surgeons specializing in penis enlargement procedures. SizeGenetics products are medical one-traction penis extenders; hence users are guaranteed safe, effective, and registered medical devices.

SizeGenetics products are not only to enhance the size of the penis. Some products also feature solutions for men suffering from curvature penis, weaker erections, excessive scar tissue, and a general lack of sexual desire.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

SizeGenetics focuses on the corpora cavernosa, a part of your penis that contains the erectile tissue. Arteries run along the middle of each cavernosa to facilitate penile erection.

So, put or attach the device to your penis. Insert and then strap both sides to the other end; the device then extends and stretches the penis.  The device supplies a constant stretch along the corpora cavernosa. The extender does the painless and gentle stretching causing the cells within the part of the penis that holds blood during penile erection to split.

As new cells are created during the healing process, corpora cavernosa become bigger. Bigger corpora cavernosa means it can hold more blood, and more blood means a more prominent and fuller penis.

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You have to wear the device for 6 hours every day for initial use for the next six weeks. After six weeks, you can now decrease the frequency of wearing the device. Although the change will not happen overnight, see for yourself if there is a significant change after six weeks in terms of length and girth.

What I like about SizeGenetics is that it was invented by a general and plastic surgeon, Dr. J Siana, who initially developed the device to aid in the healing process of the penis after surgery. It is a clinically tested medical type 1 device, so this might be an excellent alternative instead of going through the knife.

Every SizeGenetics extender is manufactured to the highest standards set by the FDA. Under strict regulations and being standard compliant, this makes you feel safe and confident that their products are risk-free. That sounds better than getting surgery.

The Products

I like the full range of products available to accommodate varying needs and budgets. From Value Edition to Curvature & Peyronie’s, gentlemen are given the options to address their manliness issues within their budget.

Value Edition

This basic penis extender is like your first dose of penile enhancement solution. The pack comes with a basic 1x SizeGenetics Type 1 medical device, 1x comfort strap, 1x protection pad, 2x elongation bars ( 1inch/2.5cm), and 2x elongation bars (2inches/5cm), product case, quick guide, one year warranty, and money-back guarantee. For a regular price of $274.95, you can now start your penis enlargement journey.

Comfort Package

This package comes with 1 SizeGenetics Type 1 medical device plus accessories. The price $399.95, and you will get the basics from value editions plus 2x elongation bars ( 1inch/2.5cm), 4x elongation bars (2inches/5cm), 2x elongation bars (0.5inch/1.25cm), 1x dual-function front piece, 1x comfort strap, 1x protection pad, 1x set of keys, 1x no-slip Protech, 1x 3M comfort plaster, luxury leather case.

SizeGenetics Ultimate System

This product offers the ultimate solution for penis enlargement, which might be a practical approach for those who want to have a larger penis.

For a regular price of $499.95, you will get everything you need to achieve a larger penis safely. The pack comes thoroughly tested and endorsed by medical professionals with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Apart from the device and accessories included in the comfort package, the ultimate system gives you added essentials such as 1x accelerate cream moisturizer, 1x accelerate traction talcum powder, a quick start guide, and a money-back guarantee.

($10 Off and Free Shipping)

Curvature and Peyronie’s

This SizeGenetics product features good benefits that can help those suffering from curvature of the penis (in any direction), shortening of the penis (due to curvature), weaker erections, discomfort during penile erection, excessive scar tissue, lack of sexual appetite.

For a regular price of $499.95, you will have the device and accessories backed up by medical experts for that safe and effective penile enhancement and enlargement.

Getting Curvature and Peyronie’s will give you all the same inclusions with the ultimate system plus bonuses. You will get two extra silicone tubes, additional gauze, one extra dual-function front piece, and an excess 3M advanced comfort plaster.

With all the choices available, any of these SizeGenetics products might be a good start to address your penile concerns or issues.

Refund and 100% Guarantee

SizeGenetics offer a 100% money-back guarantee that their way of saying that their products will indeed work well for you. The confidence that these are proven effective comes with the fact that it is a certified medical class 1 urology product. Since the penile extenders are clinically tested and approved by the FDA, you are less likely to experience an injury.

Backed by clinical testing and professional endorsements, SizeGenetics is confident that its products will work for you and everyone. In any event that you do not see any improvement, you will get your refund.

To qualify for the 100% refund, you must present before and after photographs of your penis wearing our SizeGenetics device next to a measuring device (i.e., ruler, tape measure). The average traction of the device must be shown in the photo as well.

You only have to dedicate at least a few minutes of your time to log a diary of the days and number of hours you have used your penile extender throughout the 1,000 hours (this allows your body to adjust to the foreign device).

I love the dick diary, as you have to log in and enter your weekly measurements to keep track of your progress. It may sound daunting, but the online dick diary makes it easier for you to log in and input your usage details.  There may be a 100% money-back guarantee, but terms and conditions apply.

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Risk-Free and Safe

All of their penile extenders are disinfected and come in sealed plastic bags. Every single device must pass high standards and strict quality standards and testing to maintain quality.

Parts and Accessories

This is another support I love about SizeGenetics; it allows you to buy a new accessory and replace the old or defective one. The spare parts can be mixed and matched, which saves you money.

You do not have to buy the entire product if it’s damaged or you want to upgrade. The extra parts and accessories allow you to continuously enjoy your device without spending too much.

Choose what you need to continue your penile enlargement journey. Buy an extra of your penile extender essentials or replace broken parts.

SizeGenetics Review Conclusion

Healthy relationships require a healthy and active sex life. You need to enjoy doing it with your partner. But to fully enjoy the act, both must be fully satisfied and have reached orgasm.

But women’s preferences for penis size may affect men’s mental and sexual health. According to studies, women climax more often during sexual intercourse with men with longer penis. And for men, penis size is also a concern for 68.3% of 200 men in a study.

The expectations may affect men’s confidence and sexual desire. Some would turn to penis extenders, enhancement pills, and surgery. But with the availability of SizeGenetics devices and extenders, men are given safer and less risky options.

Although surgical procedures are readily available, these carry a high risk of complications. Penile extenders or traction devices must be promoted as the best option for penile lengthening.

Men who are bothered with their penis sizes can resort to these non-invasive alternatives to improve their sizes, help repair their broken confidence, and have better sexual experience.

Regardless, if your partner says that she is okay with your size, you should seek different ways possible to get a bigger and stronger dick.