How Do Pornstars Get Big Dicks?

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Male porn stars are well-endowed. If you are into adult films and porn movies, you probably have noticed that almost all male performers have big dick sizes.

It is only in rare cases that you can see a male porn star with a below-average package. So men who watch porn movies will most likely wonder how pornstars get big dicks?

The size of the male package is mainly related to genetics. But with so many methods available to choose from, achieving a larger penis size is not impossible. With time, effort, and patience, you can also have a penis size like porn stars.

Not all porn stars are born with huge dicks. Just like any ordinary man, average-sized porn stars also go to great lengths to achieve big size dicks. So, when you think there is no hope of having big dicks like pornstars, read through, and see which one will work for you.

What Are the Options on How to Have Big Dicks Like Pornstars?

Penis extenders – penis extenders or traction devices are popular among men who dream of getting larger-sized dicks. The extender works by continually pulling the penis, causing a split in cells and promoting new cell growth in areas around the penis.

Users must use the penile traction device for at least five up to 8 hours a day for about six months to achieve ultimate results.

Penile extenders are not available in online shops but instead can be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website, such as SizeGenetics. These penile extenders are also medical devices to correct the curvature of the penis.

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Thus, when corrected, it will surely increase your penis length. Extenders do not only show a significant increase in length but also in girth.

Vacuum pumps – although vacuum pumps are designed for erectile dysfunction, they can still make your penis size bigger due to the amount of blood that fills the veins around your penis.

Natural Ways on How to Have a Big Penis Like Pornstars

While most men are unsatisfied with the size of their dicks, you only need about 5 to 7 inches to have a gratifying sex life. Not all women are comfortable dealing with men who have big dicks like pornstars. But in case you insist, there are several ways how to have big dicks like pornstars naturally.

Proper blood flow is the key to having a bigger and stronger penis. Vitamins, diet, and exercise are natural ways to improve blood circulation.

Exercise is the cheapest and most effective way of keeping your blood flowing. Keep your heart healthy if you want to maintain adequate blood circulation in all parts of your body.

Massage helps improve blood circulation. Indulge in whole-body massage done by a certified massage therapist to achieve optimal benefits. The use of essential oils in body massage also helps in stress management.

Stop smoking. Non-smokers are more energetic compared to smokers. Smoking causes the blood vessels to shrink, limiting blood flow through the blood vessels throughout your body.

Achieving an erection as big as a pornstar is only possible if the chambers on your penis are filled with sufficient blood. Not only has that, but the increase of oxygen has also given you more energy, making you more agile in bed.

Stay hydrated. Your fluid intake is a simple yet effective way to maintain or improve blood circulation. Take at least 3 liters of water a day. For a more refreshing experience, you can add lemon and cucumber to your ordinary drinking water.

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Vitamins and Supplements to Improve Blood and Oxygen Circulation to Achieve Big Dicks Like Pornstars

Iron – incorporate the iron supplement into your daily diet to help produce hemoglobin – the protein found in red blood cells that aid in the distribution of oxygen in the body.

Iron can also be found in red meats and green leafy vegetables. But oral supplements are readily available if you choose the more convenient and quick option.

Vitamin E is popular as an antioxidant and an essential nutrient that treats the hardening of the arteries. Intake of vitamin E daily, not exceeding 1,000 IUs per day, will increase blood flow.

You can also include Vitamin E enriched food in your daily food intakes, such as spinach, broccoli, almonds, peanuts, sunflower oil, avocado, mango, black currants, blackberries, and kiwi.

Vitamin D keeps the lining of blood vessels healthy to allow blood to flow freely. Vitamin D deficiency can stiffen the blood vessels, therefore, restricting ample blood flow. Besides over-the-counter supplements, you can have your daily dose of vitamin D from salmon, egg yolks, milk, sardines, trout, cod liver oil, beef, and liver.

Ginseng is also a known supplement to improve blood flow in penile muscles. It also enhances the health of red blood cells and cardiovascular health. For men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, ginseng is also a natural and effective supplement.

Does Having a Big Dick Like Pornstars Important?

According to research, not all women prefer a larger size of dicks. Depending on the type of sexual orgasm, some women want to have partners with big dicks in bed. Women who only achieve vaginal stimulation would opt to be with men with a large penis, while clitoral orgasm does not require large penis length and girth wise.

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Although penis size is linked to masculinity and sexual prowess, size matters depending on your partner’s preference.

Make the Most of What You Have

Since not all men are blessed with a large package, it is normal for most men to dream of having big dicks like what you see in adult films and porn movies. How to have big dicks like pornstars? – is a common question most would ask when in the back of their minds.

But accepting your size is the key to a fulfilling sex life. Focus on doing cardio exercise for more energy; enough give you and your bed partner the strength to explore your sexual desires. Being confident and working on what you have by being stronger and making it harder is enough.


The question of how to have a big dick like pornstars may not give you the answer that will satisfy your curiosity, but all the options discussed above should motivate you to achieve your ultimate goal. Remember, it does not require having an 8-inch dick to live a fulfilling life.

Set your goals. Focus on what you want and stay committed to what you have started. Most of all, staying healthy plays an essential part in achieving your penile enlargement journey.

Nurture your body, just like how you nurture your penis.

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