How to Enlarge Penis Size

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Many people often get concerned when it comes to penis sizes. In fact, this is the reason behind the thriving penis enlargement or male enhancement industry.

But you can’t deny the fact that many are doubtful that such an option can really work. So they look for natural ways to enlarge the penis size without having to deal with any possible side effects or complications.

Take note that most men who consider penis enlargement treatments have normal-sized penises. This means that they already have adequately sized dongs for urination and sexual activity.

Thus, it would be fair to discuss more about how a person can possibly increase his manhood size. That is because lots of manufacturers claim their products, such as creams, pills, and stretching devices, not to mention surgery, can achieve this.

Contrary to these claims, almost none of these methods work, according to the Urology Care Foundation. These include lotions and pills, traction devices, vacuum devices, and standard surgical procedures.

3 Non-Surgical Procedures to Enlarge Penis

Lotions and Pills

Arguably, lotions and pills are among the products that contain herbs, hormones, minerals, and vitamins capable of increasing the size of your penis. However, there is no clinical evidence to prove that any of these options are really effective.

An analysis carried out by the University of Maryland has even found some traces of animal feces, E. coli bacteria, lead, and pesticides in these products, which are proven to be health hazards.

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Penis Extenders

Sometimes called traction devices, penile extenders involve using weights to add length to the penis.

It requires the placement of weights or using a small extending frame on a flaccid penis with the intent of stretching it.

There is clinical evidence to support the use of weights to lengthen the penis. Be aware that such a technique might cause permanent damage to the organ if not used properly.

Vacuum Pumps

This apparatus can actually be used by people like you who want to enlarge your penis’ size naturally. A cylindrical vacuum pump can suck out air from your penis and draw more blood into it to make it look bigger during erection.

Moreover, you can clamp off the penis using a tight ring, acting as a tourniquet, to keep blood from returning to your body. However, it can have some drawbacks, as you have anticipated.

This method can be as effective as long as you are wearing the ring. But if you will use it for more than 20-30 minutes, it can lead to horrible tissue damage.

3 Surgical Procedures to Make Your Penis Bigger

Penis Girth Surgery

Surgery is only good if you have a condition called micropenis. This is when your penis size measures around 7.5cm or shorter when it is erect.

Basically, fat taken from another part of your body can be injected into your penis. Consequently, some studies exploring this option have confirmed that the penis’ circumference has increased from 1.4cm to 4cm.

Other results show disappointment to some patients, though, a period of time after the surgery. They also experienced complications, such as disfigurement, infection, lumpiness, and scarring.

Penis Length Surgery

Cutting the ligament where the penis is attached to the pubic bone and doing a skin graft on the base to gain extra length is another common technique to increase its size.

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Accordingly, it will add 2cm to a flaccid penis after the surgery. Nonetheless, there will be no difference in length from that of the erect one.

That is because there will no longer be any ligament to support the penis when it erects. Perhaps that is because penis enlargement surgery is mainly intended for cosmetic purposes.


Males who have huge tummies can undergo a surgical procedure called liposuction, aside from relying on ways to enlarge penis size naturally. This is a method to remove the fat below the abdomen to make your dong look bigger.

You may even make it more visible by removing the excess fat surrounding the pubic area. This may provide an added length of 2cm for some time but will get back to its normal size once the patient regains weight.

Good thing, though, that a patient can sustain this even for a longer period if he can regularly improve his diet and exercise. But you can’t escape the fact that liposuction can be risky as it can have side effects and complications.

4 Natural Procedures to Increase Penis Size

Jelqing Exercise

Jelqing is a method to enlarge penis size naturally. You can do this by repeatedly pulling the flaccid penis using the index finger and thumb to increase the erection’s size.

Allegedly, this practice can increase the capacity of the erectile tissue of the penis to contain blood. The length and girth of the penis will increase as a result of this method.

Although there is no scientific evidence to jelqing for increasing your cock’s size, it can help you better appreciate and become more comfortable with your body.

Losing Weight

You might have been wondering if losing weight can really do wonders on how to enlarge penis size naturally. Well, it is really a safe and effective method to get a larger-looking penis.

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Moreover, lots of male patients who think they have a tiny penis are, in fact, overweight. The process of weight loss can actually reveal more of your hidden shaft buried below the belly fat.

This might not increase the size of your penis, but it can surely make it look that way. So if you are not into liposuction or don’t want to undergo any surgical procedure, you can always consider eating less and getting fit seriously.

Trimming Pubic Hair

If you are open to methods on how penis size can be enlarged naturally, you may consider trimming your pubic hair. This technique can actually make your penis look larger than before.

Shaving the pubic area can also be a way to have hygienic genitals, aside from feeling good about your penis. You don’t even have to spend a fortune just to see the results.

Boost Self-Esteem

If you feel good about yourself, you can feel satisfied. Having negative feelings about the size of your penis can only inhibit your happiness.

Take note that most penis enlargement products don’t work. Perhaps the best way to improve your sex life is to correct distorted ideas about how you look physically.

You may have to engage in counseling to help build your self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself.

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