Performer 8 Review

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Are you really “not in the mood” or “just tired”? Or are you suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) and are trying to hide it from your partner?

Studies found that about ⅓ to 76.5% of men suffer from ED. The bottom line is, it’s not as rare as you think! And you’re not “getting old” either. While it’s true that the risk of ED increases as you grow old, people as young as 20 can suffer from this dreaded issue.

There are ways to regain confidence in the bedroom, as you’ll find out in this Performer 8 review.

A Quick Performer 8 Summary


  • Made with scientifically backed ingredients
  • No prescription needed
  • Soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan
  • Shows results in men of all ages
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • FREE instant access to e-books valued at over $54


  • Not a guaranteed solution to marital problems
  • Currently not covered by insurance

In A Nutshell

Performer 8 is one of the best ED supplements currently in the market. It is carefully formulated with natural and scientifically proven ingredients to deliver a potent dose that will keep you and your member alert in the bedroom.

With Performer 8, you can wow your partner with a fuller, thicker erection and newfound stamina that can help you reach new sexual heights and help you regain lost self-confidence.

Points to Keep In Mind Before Getting Performer 8

Performer 8 is a supplement that helps boost your natural body processes that support your male sexual health. If you have erectile dysfunction, no matter your age and lifestyle, then Performer 8 can be the stuff you need to rekindle the passion in the bedroom.

Performer 8 Bottle

However, keep in mind that Performer 8 is not a magic pill. It is not designed to cure ED. It’s also best to practice a healthier lifestyle and minimize stress.  If your concern is troubles with conception, it’s best to get a sperm test as Performer 8 does not cure male infertility, either.

ED can also be caused by underlying health problems, so as always, it’s best to consult a physician.

The Advantages of Choosing Performer 8

Performer 8 can get you firing on all cylinders for enhanced confidence in yourself and your performance in the bedroom.

The 8 Benefits of Performer 8

Re-energize Sexual StaminaEver gone limp even before you get into the swing of things? Performer 8 is designed to aid in this area with ingredients that help keep your body and brain in perfect sync, so you’re able to satisfy both you and your partner fully.
Increase Sexual DesireNo more low libido! The potent ingredients in Performer 8 have been shown to increase your natural desire for sex!
Boost Natural Testosterone LevelsLow testosterone levels can make you feel sluggish and miserable. Performer 8 can help your body naturally increase the available testosterone. You’ll see an increase in energy, better muscle definition, and a stronger desire for sex.
Prevent Premature EjaculationStop being a minuteman! Last longer with Performer 8, which is formulated to help you feel like you have better control of your erections and aids in helping you last longer.
Erection Girth and HardnessOnce your body and Performer 8 get to know each other, Performer 8 can help your blood flow better to your penis. You’ll then notice that your erections are bigger, thicker, and harder, and your partners are wowed and satisfied.
Improve Your Sexual FocusFor many men, it may take a lot more effort to relax and get in the mood to get groovy.   That’s why Performer 8 is carefully formulated Performer 8 to help improve your stress levels, balance your mood, and naturally increase a healthy desire for sex.
Increase Sperm VolumePerformer 8 has clinically-backed ingredients that can help increase semen volume by 53%, concentration by 167%, and motility by 57%.   Most satisfied Performer 8 customers also noticed a more intense orgasm with a more robust “pulse” as they finish.
Boost In Confidence & Self-Esteem  With a newfound sexual desire and a dramatic improvement in your performance, you’ll finally get the sexual confidence you’ve always wanted.   Performer 8 can help you feel better about your size, stamina, and your ability to satisfy your partner, round after round, on-demand.

Natural and Clinically Backed Ingredients

Performer 8 is a natural and functional male enhancement formula made only with 100% natural ingredients. Performer 8 is made with the help of some of Europe’s finest scientists, formulators, and experts in male nutrition to create what is now Performer 8. Here’s a breakdown of what is inside Performer 8:

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Muira Puama Extract — 3000 mg

A study showed that just after two weeks on Muira Puama, 51% of the 262 men noticed improved erections and an increase of 62% in libido.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha® — 500 mg

During clinical trials, the patented KSM-66® aided in boosting testosterone, sexual desire, and lowering cortisol levels, indicating stress — one of the significant contributors to ED.

Ferrous Bisglycinate — 12 mg

A study has shown that this particular form of iron is easier to absorb than regular iron and is shown to support your body’s natural blood flow, which helps keep you harder for longer.

Maca Root Extract — 30 mg

This well-documented natural aphrodisiac in the Andes Mountains in Peru has been helping improve sexual desire and stamina for centuries.

Panax Ginseng — 6000 mg

A study comprised 45 men who were given just 900mg of ginseng for eight weeks. Without any changes to diets or habits, these men saw an improvement in erectile function and stiffness after the eight weeks are up.

Barrenwort (Horny Goat Weed) — 1,000 mg

Research has determined that it contained an isolated flavonoid called icariin, which may help inhibit PDE5, an erection-deflating enzyme. It can also aid in your body’s blood flow for firmer erections.

Pine Bark Extract — 300 mg

In a double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled study, 22% of men noticed improved sexual satisfaction and function. It even improved the normal sexual functions for those who have diabetes by an astounding 45%.

Glucuronolactone — 600 mg

This is a naturally occurring compound that assists in reducing oxidative stress and protecting the blood vessels. A study even showed a 40% reduction in blood vessel damage which further supports healthy blood flow.

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Grape Seed Extract — 30 mg

Early studies have shown how grape seed extract helps in blood flow, which results in a thicker, fuller-feeling erection.

Free eBooks!

Order right now, and you’ll get instant access to Performer 8’s most popular eBook for FREE. These books are valued at over $54, and you can get them for absolutely FREE. In these eBooks, you’ll find:

  • A daily diet guide to help your body generate more available testosterone (and what foods to steer clear from to avoid hurting your testes and your libido.)
  • Three easy, safe, and fun practices you can do at home to help you last up to 5x longer in bed.
  • The five biggest “erection-destroying” errors most men do almost every day and how to avoid them

And so much more! These eBooks can help you learn how to be a better lover and have more satisfying sex, no matter your age!

How Other Supplements Compare to Performer 8

Of course, there are other ED supplements currently out in the market. However, some are filled with subpar ingredients, inadequate dosages, and sometimes packed and cut with fillers.

Only a few ED solutions can come close to what Performer 8 can do for you. Products like VigRX Plus, ProSolution Pills, and ExtenZe are some of the very few that can come close to matching Performer 8’s wonders.

Still, Performer 8 should be one of your go-to ED supplements for ED. Performer 8 is clinically backed, carefully formulated, and made with 100% natural ingredients.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Performer 8

Can I get discreet billing and shipping?

Of course! Your privacy is of extreme importance to us, second only to your health. The only thing that will show up on your bank statement is a purchase with our initials “P8” and never our full business name.

Even the packaging will be very discreet. Just your daily, ordinary brown parcel, with no indicators of the nature of the product or where it came from.

How do I take Performer 8?

It’s pretty easy! Three pills a day, preferably with a meal. Do this regularly for the best results.

When can I expect to see the results?

Many factors come in with the use of ED supplements, like genes, habits, and even environmental factors, so it will vary from person to person.

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Some of the satisfied users of Performer 8 noticed results in the first week of regular intake of Performer 8, and sometimes even the very same day!

What should I do if I’m not satisfied with Performer 8?

If for some reason, you are unhappy with Performer 8 even when taking it regularly, then you can return your order anytime for a full refund.

This is a lifetime guarantee, and with less than a 2% return rate, we are confident Performer 8 can give you the boost your sex life is looking for.

In Summary

If you’re looking for an ED supplement that works in tandem with your natural body processes, then Performer 8 is the one you’re looking for. It is carefully formulated to be taken as a daily supplement that starts helping your tool stand up as soon as you need it to.

No more popping “the blue pill” and waiting for it to “kick in.” Performer 8 is right there with you, armed and ready any time.

Performer 8 Reviews from Cusomters


Performer 8 Review – March 18, 2021

I was so used to male enhancement pills not delivering results. In short, the pills I’ve tried are nothing short of scams. That’s why I was highly skeptical when I came across Performer 8. I talked to my good friend about it, and it so happens that he has tried it before.

He said it worked for him, and so I tried it. IT WORKED WONDERS. My wife and I are now happier in the bedroom, all thanks to Performer 8. She’s satisfied, I’m satisfied, everybody is happy. I’d recommend this to anyone!

Review submitted by Herbert

Performer 8 Review – March 5, 2021

THANK YOU SO MUCH, PERFORMER 8! I’ve always been insecure with ED, especially since I’m pretty young. It has created issues in the bedroom, so I no longer bother trying to meet women.

I am so relieved that I read about Performer 8 while derping around online. On the plus side, I don’t have to pop it before having sex, so my partners don’t get instantly turned off with my ED. Five stars!

Review submitted by Shawn

Performer 8 Review – July 7, 2021

I could definitely feel a difference in just a few days. I used to be so lazy all the time, and I felt like sex was becoming less of a priority and more of a chore. When my wife wanted to fool around, I just couldn’t get in the mood. If I was, I just couldn’t focus enough to satisfy her.

I felt like a shitty person and a shitty husband. Luckily, Performer 8 turned EVERYTHING around for my wife and me! Sex has been awesome, and my wife has been happier! I feel like we’re teenagers again. Thank you so much!

Review submitted by Frank

Performer 8 Review – June 29, 2021

Great product! I would definitely recommend it. The “blue pill” gave me headaches and made me feel generally shitty and weirdly tired after sex. But with Performer 8, I just got to pop it in the morning, and I’m reared and geared to get sexy.

Thanks! I will definitely repurchase it, and I’ll buy more next time.

Review submitted by Joseph

Performer 8 Review – May 22, 2021

My wife and I were much more adventurous in our sex life when we were younger. We experimented and tried everything to keep the fires burning. As I grew old, I grew tired of sex, and even “little Johnny” didn’t want to stand up.

Thanks to the fantastic Performer 8, the wife is now happier than ever with our sexcapades. And you know what they say, happy wife, HAPPY LIFE! Thanks for reviving my and my wife’s sex life. Five stars!

Review submitted by John


Performer 8 Review – January 12, 2021

Great product! I was amazed by the discreet delivery—very nosy-Nellie proof. The product itself works wonders. My erections have been harder and last longer, and the wife is starting to notice.

She’s been asking for it more and more, and I couldn’t be happier! Wifey and I are very, very happy with this purchase.

Review submitted by Felix

Performer 8 Review – March 8, 2021

Finally, Performer 8 is what I’ve been looking for. It got me in the mood to be intimate with my wife after quite the dry spell. Performer 8 ignited something in me, and I can say that my wife is happy that it worked wonders on me. Thanks, Performer 8!

Review submitted by Ken


Performer 8 Review – January 12, 2021

Performer 8 is an excellent alternative to the blue pill. Pro is I don’t have to have an artificial hard-on for hours after sex. Con is that I need three pills a day; I should’ve bought the bigger packs to get the best value for my money. I would still recommend it to anyone. Thanks!

Review submitted by Carl

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