How to Lose Fat Around the Penis

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Penis size has always been a major issue for many men as a bigger size symbolizes masculinity and power. Most men believe that a bigger penis size will sexually satisfy their partners; the bigger, the better.

Hence, a man who thinks that his penis size is inadequate feels insecure, which hurts his self-esteem and sexual interest.

Most men seek ways to lose fat around the penis and other alternatives to augment their penis size. It is now becoming a trend that some even opted to go under the knife to increase the girth and length of their penis. But what is the average size of a penis?

What Is the Average Penis Size?

According to an article published in, the British Journal of Urology International’s team analysis on average penis size if flaccid is 3.61 inches or 9.16 cm in length, while an average erect penis is 5.16 inches. The average girth measurement is 3.66 inches for a flaccid penis and 4.59 inches for an erect penis.

Based on the data, these measurements are not big. But if you want to have the size like male pornstars, then that is another story. If you are overweight, your penis will appear a little shorter. If you don’t know how to lose fat around the penis and private area, you might wake up one morning not seeing your penis again.

Losing Weight Can Help Lose Fat Around Penis Easily

If your pelvis is covered with too much fat, this will make your penis look smaller. The fat pad and the excess skin hanging on your pelvis will swallow your penis. The more you gain weight, the higher your chances of experiencing the medical condition known as a buried penis.

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Exercises to Trim Fat Around the Penis

Fortunately, there are few physical activities and exercises that you can follow to help you shed off the excess weight and also lose the fat around the penis. These exercises will tone your stomach and pelvic areas to make your penis appear more prominent.

Some of these basics include:

  • Jumping Jack
  • Planking
  • Skipping
  • Interval Running
  • Wall Squat, and
  • Bridge Exercise

Balanced Diet to Get Rid of Fat Around Your Dick

Also, do not forget to incorporate a balanced diet in your weight loss journey. You can consult a dietician for a meal plan program to help you lose weight on all body parts and lose the fat around the penis.

Refrain from eating processed foods as these are high in fat and salt. Replace chips with fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose food rich in proteins. Fresh fruits and vegetables supply the necessary vitamins and minerals our body needs. Consume at least 400 grams of greens and fruits to meet the daily supply of nutrition.

Opt for whole grains to sustain the needed daily carbohydrates while keeping us full for extended periods. Reduce high-fat dairy products, and replace them with food rich in Omega 3 like fish and Salmon, olive oil, and nuts.

If you cannot resist chocolate chips, ice cream, soda, potato chips, and sugary drinks, these must be taken in moderation as these will not help shake off the extra pounds and lose fat around the penis.

Stay hydrated; drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily.

But according to the European Food Safety Authority, how much water we drink depends on our age, height, weight, level of physical activity, sex, and environmental conditions.

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So, if you are doing your daily exercise or if the weather is hot, the more you need to drink water.

Focus on healthy food rich in calcium, vitamin C, and Omega 3 as these nutrients are known to fight fat deposits. A balanced and healthy diet plus exercise will aid in losing the fat around the penis and pelvic area.

Does Losing Weight an Effective Way to Lose Fat Around Penis and Increase Size?

For every 30 to 50 pounds of excess weight you lose, you will gain an inch of the penis length. If you lose weight, your pelvic area’s fat will disappear, giving more space for your penis to be visible. Your penis will look larger.

And with the newly found confidence, just thinking about the fun times you are about to share with your partner will make you look forward to your private moments. That thought will set your mood enough to make you excited and for your bigger penis to swell and erect.

What Are the Other Means to Reduce the Fat Around the Penis?

Stop Smoking

While losing weight and eating healthy meals aid in losing fat around the private area for males, it is also recommended for you to change your lifestyle and stop smoking.

An immaculate lifestyle will help your penis become stronger during steamy encounters. While not everyone is blessed with 7 inches size dick, make use of what you already have by making it stronger and harder.

Penis Surgery

After all the things you have tried to lose the fat around the penis and private, yet you are not satisfied with the result, then a penile surgery might be the answer for you.

A penile implant gives men satisfying results that can last a lifetime. It can increase the girth and length flaccid size by about an inch or two. It has been proven successful with a natural feel.

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It does not interfere with achieving an erection. It may be expensive compared to the alternatives mentioned above, but it will give you the boost and confidence that you need in the bedroom.


If you have issues over the size of your penis or its appearance that is causing your loss of appetite in sex, negatively affecting your self-esteem and health, there are ways that you can do to improve your size.

Let us get real that when you follow the recommendations on how to lose the fat around the penis, this will not give your dick a new and bigger size in girth and length.

When the fat on your tummy and pelvic area are toned, this will make your penis more visible, and it will give more space for the penis to appear much larger. A leaner figure increases the amount that you can see and what you can use compared to if you are overweight.

Many men are struggling with their penis size in private. For them, their size is not enough for their partners to achieve orgasm. Most men underestimate their size. But with all the available resources, from lifestyle changes to male extenders to more evasive measures, men can now increase their penis size to boost their confidence and enjoy sex to the fullest.

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