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If the PeniMaster PRO has caught your eye, prepare to be excited. This standout product has been causing a stir in the market, thanks to its innovative design and top-notch performance. But what if there was a way to acquire a PeniMaster PRO without stretching your budget? That’s right! Let’s explore the exciting realm of the PeniMaster PRO Discount.

Decoding the PeniMaster PRO Discount

The PeniMaster PRO Discount is an impressive initiative that offers a 12.5% discount to all proud owners of a PeniMaster model who are looking to upgrade to a new PeniMaster Classic or PeniMaster PRO. This discount is a token of appreciation for loyalty and faith in the products.

Elaborating on the 12.5% Discount for PeniMaster Model Owners

As a PeniMaster model owner, you can enjoy a 12.5% discount on your next purchase of a PeniMaster Classic or PeniMaster PRO. This means you can experience the advanced features of the latest models without bearing the full cost.

The Journey to Availing of the Discount

Securing this discount is simple. It just requires sending proof of purchase, such as an invoice, a purchase confirmation, a receipt, or a similar document. Once the proof of purchase is received, a discount link for the webshop will be sent within one working day.

The Significance of the Discount in Monetary Terms

This discount is not just a deal; it’s a golden opportunity to make significant savings. With a 12.5% discount, you can save a substantial amount on your purchase, making the PeniMaster PRO an even more enticing investment.

The Roadmap to the PeniMaster PRO Discount

Now that the PeniMaster PRO Discount has been grasped let’s navigate through the step-by-step guide on how to secure it.

Step-by-step Guide on Dispatching Proof of Purchase

  1. Click on “Select Proof of Purchase.”
  2. Choose the purchase document of the device.
  3. Input an email address.
  4. Click on “send.”

Demystifying the Discount Link and Its Usage

Upon receipt of the proof of purchase, a discount link will be dispatched from the email address Open this link, and each PeniMaster system will be priced at 12.5% less than the recommended retail price.

Tips to Ensure the Discount Link Email Evades SPAM Filters

To ensure the receipt of the email with the discount link, please verify that emails from are not obstructed by the email provider’s SPAM filter or a virus scanner on the computer. If necessary, sift through the SPAM mailbox.

Additional Discounts: The Academic Advantage

In addition to the PeniMaster PRO Discount, a 20% student discount for the PeniMaster system is also available. This discount is accessible to all students who can furnish a verifiable student ID.

The Procedure to Submit a Verifiable Student ID

To avail of the academic discount, jot down an email address and the current date on a piece of paper. Position this paper legibly with a student ID and snap a photo of both. Then, click on “select verifiable student ID,” pick the ID, input an email address, and click “send.”

Tips to Safeguard Privacy While Submitting the ID

Privacy is valued. When submitting a student ID, all personal data except the name can be anonymized (blacked out).


The PeniMaster PRO Discount and the academic discount are splendid opportunities to own a PeniMaster system at a slashed price. These discounts not only make the products more affordable but also reward devoted customers and diligent students. So, why wait? Seize these discounts today and experience the top-tier functionality of the PeniMaster PRO.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Can the PeniMaster PRO Discount be combined with other discounts or promotions? A: Unfortunately, discounts, vouchers, and promotions cannot be amalgamated. Only one discount link will be issued per proof of purchase.

Q2: What if the purchase document for the PeniMaster PRO Discount is missing? A: If the purchase document is nowhere to be found, an email address and the current date can be written on a piece of paper, positioned next to the existing device so that it’s easily readable, and a photo of both can be snapped. Then, select this photo as the proof of purchase.

Q3: How long will it take to receive the discount link after submitting proof of purchase or student ID? A: The discount link is typically dispatched within one working day after receiving the proof of purchase or student ID.

Q4: What should be done if the discount link email is missing? A: Please ensure that emails from are not obstructed by the email provider’s SPAM filter or a virus scanner on the computer. If necessary, sift through the SPAM mailbox.

Remember, the PeniMaster PRO Discount and the academic discount are here to make the shopping experience more rewarding. So, take advantage of these offers and join the PeniMaster PRO family today!

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