Democrats voice revelations about Republicans

To the Editor:

In the course of expressing their support for Kevin Kiley in the June special election, two of our more vocal town Democrats presented us with remarkable revelations about town Republicans that town Republicans themselves were likely unaware.

For example there was much ado about the fact that the Republican Town Committee threw its support to Laurie McArdle over Kevin Kiley to run for selectman with Chris Tymniak in 2015. RTC members who cast their votes in favor of McArdle likely believed they were doing so because Laurie’s qualifications as a former teacher would complement Chris’s qualifications in a way in which Kevin Kiley’s could not, but according to Representative Dean (D3) that was not the case.

As Representative Dean explained in her letter, the process was actually hijacked by a clandestine ultra-right wing fringe group which somehow infiltrated the RTC for the purpose of throwing Kevin under the bus. Who knew?

From Representative Zezima (D4) we have learned that Republican RTM Caucus is now answering to a “special interest group” with a “dogmatic policy of austerity”……..again who knew? Clearly this “special interest group” must be running a covert operation as well. They are so secretive, we didn’t even know about them!

In her letter, Representative Zezima tells us that holding the contingency line flat year over year is a budget cut. It is not. She tells us that not increasing contingency is the same as cutting Education and Libraries. They are unrelated. She says that the Democratic caucus was not made aware of budgetary actions under consideration by the Republican Caucus. The Democratic Minority Leader was told days in advance of the budget vote that reductions would be proposed to contingency as well as reductions in hours for specific departments.

Representative Zezima does deserve credit for actually attempting to characterize “decreased spending” as “unsustainable”. That may sound like a contradiction to many of us, but in as much as an annual budget increase is Representative Zezima’s expectation, in her mind a 0% increase is synonymous with a budget “cut”, and cautioning us all that we just can’t keep on not spending at this rate doesn’t seem at all like a paradox… her.

Francis “Hank” Ference

RTM District #8

Deputy Moderator

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  • Slim_Charles

    Dean got to the top of the DTC on her back with Shineberg cream pie ing her love canal

    • Slim_Charles

      I bet even Tetreau has layed his throbbing warrior deep inside that hairy cavern

  • Elizabeth Zezima

    As with Michael Herley’s letter it is impossible to discern if this is delusion or deception. Voters I spoke with before the June 6th election, both D’s and R’s alike, were well aware of the shockingly irresponsible actions taken by the RTM majority and the obvious political nature of it. And the fact that they didn’t have the decency to inform department heads or the public much less the Democratic caucus. It was fiscal folly and certainly not coherent policy. And political retribution which put partisan party politics above all. The election results were a referendum on these shenanigans. Republican Board of Finance members were absolutely corrrect to oppose the vote which basically liquidated our savings account into which the BOF restored irresponsible cuts made by the Board of Selectmen. Another reason for the election outcome. This hand was overplayed. Voters and taxpayers will have a chance to weigh in and demand fiscal responsibility come November.

    • Matt

      If you want to talk about “shenanigans”, then let’s talk. The special election was a blatant attempt to overturn the will of the voters, and unfortunately, it succeeded. The town charter specifically says that no special election is needed if an appointment is made within 30 days, which it was. The only reason this election was held was because Democrats can’t deal with the GOP having an RTM majority. Don’t talk to me about “the will of the people” when less than ten percent of town residents signed the petition to hold this election. The election was illegitimate then, and it is illegitimate now.

      • Matt

        In regards to Ms. Zezima’s argument, she speaks of “shockingly irresponsible actions” taken by Republicans. There’s nothing “irresponsible” about not wanting to waste taxpayer’s money. What is “irresponsible” is lying to the people, and trying to make them believe that things are happening that obviously are not. With all due respect, I say to Ms. Zezima, if you have evidence that the GOP is working with a “special interest group”, then please, tell us who it is. Otherwise, don’t spread false rumors and accusations. They do absolutely nothing for the political climate in this town, except to make it worse.

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