The truth is, anti-gun laws do not stop crime

To The Editor:

The horrific events allegedly perpetrated by James Holmes at the movie complex in Colorado were unfathomable. Expectedly, the anti-gun crowd immediately seized the moment and cried for tighter gun controls while resisting the possibility that had there been a legally armed civilian at that theater, said civilian might have stopped the shooter before more were shot. Their reasoning is all guns should be banned, legal or not. To that, I respond, “Really?”

Apparently, anti-gunners believe a shooter armed with thousands of rounds and multiple weapons is merely there to kill one or two victims and then go home. They obviously believe the possibility of a legally armed civilian limiting the carnage is absurd. Could they actually think it would be better if no one were there to stop Mr. Holmes and just let him allegedly shoot until he ran out of ammo? The fact is, the opposite is true. A legally armed civilian may have limited the tragedy, even with possible collateral damage.

The truth is, according to the, that the FBI’s “Crime in the U.S. Statistics” 2010 state firearm murders are down 14% nationally while legal gun sales have increased.

The truth is, the top three states for gun murders are New York, Texas and California. Yet, New York and California have some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the country.

The truth is, per the FBI report, Washington, D.C., has the highest firearm murder rate in the U.S., while having the tightest anti-gun laws in the country.

Clearly, anti-gun laws don’t prevent crime, they merely prevent law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. That is the real crime. The truth is, most gun crimes are perpetrated by criminals, not by those legally licensed to own a firearm.

Per Bureau of Justice Statistics (www.OJP.USDOJ.Gov), the truth is, 80% of prison inmates possessing a gun got them from “family, friends, a street buy or an illegal source.”

The truth is that people legally licensed to own/carry a firearm must undergo background checks, fingerprinting, training and registration in order to own a firearm. Criminals don’t. If law-abiding, licensed gun owners want guns to commit crimes, why would they go through the licensing process? Of course, the licensing process stipulated in gun laws is necessary because clearly, guns are dangerous in the wrong hands, but typically not in the hands of those legally permitted and licensed to own them.

The truth is, criminals will always get guns so taking guns away from law-abiding citizens only benefits criminals and doesn’t work. What does work is criminals knowing potential victims may be armed and can defend themselves. They will think twice before confronting a victim or not do the crime at all. That is real gun control.

The truth is, the Second Amendment works and actually lowers crime rates. Apparently, the Supreme Court agrees.

Maybe, if a legally armed citizen were there to stop the shooter sooner, there would be fewer grieving families in Colorado today. Imagine the effect on a national basis.

Joe Sabella


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