‘Pray that your vote counts’

To the Editor:

I probably should not have been surprised and shocked; this is deep blue Connecticut after all. However, I was because I wanted to believe that my vote and the votes of my fellow citizens really mean something.

When I clicked on The Drudge Report Sunday morning, there was an article from The Weekly Standard by Daniel Halper with a video of Mayor Bill Finch of Bridgeport joking with U.S. Senate candidate Chris Murphy on Friday, Oct. 12, “… guaranteeing a big result in the state’s largest city — even if it takes days to count.”

Halper goes on to point out that “Bridgeport provided a crucial and dubious margin of victory to Democratic and Working Families Governor Dannel P. Malloy in 2010 amidst unprecedented chaos at the city’s polling places. The 2010 Bridgeport assault on democracy included photocopied ballots, altered hours at polling places, a mysterious bag of votes and Finch’s abuse of the city’s emergency notification system to increase turnout on Election Day.”

This state’s economy is in dire straits with scores of people and companies moving out to friendlier environs, and yet election after election after election, the people of Connecticut vote for the Democrats.

We have a president promising four more years of the same stagnant economy and joblessness as the past four years, regardless of the proof of the empty promises he made when elected in 2008. We have a vice president who behaves like a fool in a national debate — gesturing, grunting, smiling like The Joker, and interrupting his opponent more than 80 times.

We have an administration whose foreign policy enabled Al Qaeda to attack and to kill four Americans in our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, who then lied about this terrorist attack on U.S. soil for over a month, and who continues to obfuscate what actually happened to the point that they claim that there was not enough money for sufficient defense of the consulate although they have $2.2 billion in their budget for embassy defense. We have Sibelius, head of HHS, taking away the First Amendment protection of freedom of religion by mandating religious institutions provide free contraception and abortifacient coverage through ObamaCare. The list of threats to this country and its people’s rights, liberty, and freedoms goes on and on.

The election this year is truly the most important in our lifetime. Are we better off than we were four years ago? Is it easier to buy things or fuel than it was four years ago?  Is there more or less unemployment than there was four years ago? Is the future for our children and grandchildren better than it was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Is America as strong as it was four years ago? Every single one of us needs to decide what kind of country in which we want to live and to vote accordingly on Nov. 6, then hope and pray that our vote actually counts.


Carole Smith


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