‘The enemy of the people is the ‘free’ press’

To the Editor:

The enemy of the people is the “free” press. The media bias is a threat to our democracy. The media now decides what information Americans have a right to know and when.

The New York Times has been ridiculed for burying coverage of a terrorist attack on 9/11 and recent congressional hearings on the circumstances leading to this preventable tragedy. Ambassador Chris Stevens asked for more security and not only was it denied, but security was reduced. Testimony shows it was not for budgetary reasons as laughing Joe Biden tried to insinuate in the debate. Salaries were increased as the danger assessment increased.

There were many warnings of increased threats before 9/11. A posting of a possible revenge attack occurring on Sept. 11 for the killing of a fellow Libyan by a drone attack in Yemen. The British ambassador was attacked in June a short distance from our Libyan consulate. Our ambassador revealed to colleagues of possibly being on a hit list. A frustrated security agent felt the State Department’s repeated denials for more security was like having the Taliban inside their ranks.

So many inconsistencies in the stories coming out of this White House. Who told Ambassador Rice there were protests that erupted into a spontaneous attack? Americans deserve answers and the media has decided not to report this story. Why?

For a president who gushes over his foreign policy accomplishments, it should be said he skipped 56% of his daily national security briefings in 2012 and more importantly skipped his briefing the day after the terrorist attack. As Americans saw Al Qaeda flags raised over our embassy, fires burning throughout the Middle East and protests growing chanting death to America, where is President Obama? Hopping on Air Force One for a campaign fundraiser in Las Vegas. So when Joe Biden blurted “we didn’t know” the Libyan consulate wanted more security, he probably told the truth. A cover-up or incompetence, neither is acceptable. “We didn’t know” does not absolve you from your responsibility to keep Americans safe.

Biden is now blaming Hilary Clinton and the intelligence community. However Biden has every faith the same intelligence community knows for a fact that Iran does not have nuclear capability. Perhaps if Obama met less with David Letterman and sitting down with local disc jockeys like “pimp with a limp” he would have known to beef up security on Sept. 11. That’s the harsh truth.

Obama refused to meet with any world leaders at the UN General Assembly in order to sit with the girls on “The View” and in his own words, “I’m just eye candy.” Obama refused to meet with Israeli Prime Minister because of schedule conflicts but records show a slow calendar day while Netanyahu was in town. An open mic revealed a private moment between Obama and French president Sarkozy. Sarkozy: “I cannot bear” Netanyahu, adding that he was “a liar.” “You’re fed up, but I have to deal with him every day,” Obama responded.

On the economic recovery, Obama said, “he spends ever waking moment thinking about you,” but has not met with the Jobs Council in over six months. Empty chairs everywhere.

Romney may not score on the “cool” meter but he will definitely show up for work on Day One.


Jack Foley


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