Has Obama made your lives better?

To the Editor:

I need to ask my fellow Americans a simple question and I ask this question not as a liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, but as an American; Can any of you truly say that Barack Obama has done anything significant to make your lives better now than they were four years ago? Have any of you actually benefited from all of that “hope and change” that Mr. Obama promised four years ago? He said “Yes we can”, but I say “No we can’t”. But to be fair, let’s look at what Mr. Obama has accomplished as president.

In almost four years, he:

1. Failed to revive the U.S. economy;

2. Failed to add real job growth;

3. Failed to lower the unemployment rate (which is really closer to 16% than 8.2%, when including the under-employed and those who have just given up looking for a job because there aren’t any);

4. Shoved a wildly unpopular “Obamacare” bill down the throats of the American people against their will;

5. Failed to help the drowning middle class;

6. Failed to restore America’s strength and greatness and in fact, apologized for America’s way of life to foreign leaders;

7. Increased the national debt beyond any level in American history;

8. Told American citizens they didn’t build their businesses, the government did;

9. Blamed Bush for all of the above rather than showing leadership and trying to fix these problems, further highlighting his ineffectiveness. I believe a real leader doesn’t waste time blaming others for their problems, he or she faces the problem, rolls up their sleeves and tries to find a solution.

But yet, Mr. Obama stated in his acceptance speech that he needs more time and should be re-elected. He has had four years to bring about “hope and change” but has failed miserably. He had four years to tackle unemployment, recession and divisiveness but rather, he used that time to push for Obamacare, repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, gay marriage and illegal immigration while America’s reputation and her people have suffered. He has done nothing significant to stop America’s decline and pain. I contend that his inaction to address the problems affecting all Americans has worsened our condition. That is his biggest accomplishment.

I believe America’s greatest accomplishment would be to fire the president in November and to replace him with someone who cares more about the American people and the issues strangling them than pushing his own agenda. In the business world, he would have been let go long ago for non-performance. Does his track record really convince you that Mr. Obama deserves another four years?

Finally, Mr. Obama’s embarrassing performance in the first Presidential debate highlights his lack of leadership, competence and willingness to do what is important to save this country. Rather, he has wasted four years pushing his radical agenda while We the People have lost our jobs, homes and hope.

This November, vote for what is best for America, not just a party line. We the People deserve better.


Joe Sabella


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