Mideast in flames a metaphor for Obama presidency

To the Editor:

As the week commemorating 9-11 unfolded we went from an attack on our Egyptian embassy, to four diplomats dead at our Libyan consulate, to an attack at our Yemen embassy, to fires set at our Tunisian and Sudan embassies, to flag-burning outside our Jordanian, Indian, London and Australian embassies. As we are all aware, President Obama has pursued outreach to the Middle East commencing with his June ’09 address in Cairo. That address included his view and words of acknowledgment that U.S. actions are responsible for much of what’s wrong in the region. Agree with the approach or disagree, he reached out an apologetic hand to the Arab world.

As the “Arab Spring” developed, the President called for the ouster of our ally Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and led “from behind” the NATO military action against Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. Both leaders were replaced: In Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood and Libya with a government yet to get control of a chaotic country. When a half million gathered in the streets of Teheran to protest the Mullahs’ tyrannical rule, Obama was silent. As Bashar al-Assad slaughters tens of thousands of his Syrian countrymen, Obama offers few words and no action.

Surveying the Mideast landscape today it is quite evident the President’s outreached hand has been cut off. The Mideast is covered with flames of hatred for the U.S., demonstrating that the radical Islamists are driving events in the Arab world. Flashpoints that for 30 years were contained mostly to the border areas of Israel have now spread from India to straight across northern Africa. And behind it all, Iran continues to pursue a nuclear bomb. Iran’s intentions toward the West have been clearly stated. The only question for us is to what extent they and their terrorist allies across the Mideast will be successful in pursuing their radical and destructive visions. This is all too eerily reminiscent of the gathering storm of 1930s Europe.

Surveying the U.S. economic landscape today, we see President Obama enacted stimulus, bailout and regulatory policies which he claimed would revive the U.S. economy. But instead we have GDP growth at an anemic 1.5%, unemployment at 12% or more, U.S. debt increased by 60% to $16 trillion, annual federal deficits of more than $1 trillion, raging inflation in energy, food, health care, and commodities, the housing and manufacturing sectors in shambles, and municipalities, states, and the federal government itself on the doorstep of bankruptcy. In short, one could say that the U.S. economy too is in flames.

So, what are we to believe: All the spin, misdirection and deception emanating from the ever-present Obama campaign and its media allies, or our lying eyes? The proof is in the pudding folks. For anyone watching, we’ve seen enough — more than enough. President Obama has had his turn at the wheel and for the sake of the Republic he must be retired on Nov. 6.


Bob MacGuffie


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