‘Incomplete’ grade is Obama’s admission to his failure

To the Editor:

Letter writer Ken Camarro praised Obama’s accomplishments. Obama ended the Iraq War. In Nov. 2008 Bush signed a Status of Forces Agreement where all troops would leave Iraq no later than Dec. 2011. Promise kept, but Iraq gave Obama no choice.

Obama claims “tide of war is receding” in Afghanistan, but insurgent attacks have increased and Taliban is gaining momentum.

The New York Times exposed the “kill list” where Obama personally selects the next victim of drone attacks without respect for the Constitution, Congress or the American public. Totalitarian Obama “unilaterally” conducts a shadow war killing innocent civilians and American citizens abroad with drones. Obama’s strategy is to kill first, ask questions later.

Obama continues the Bush policies and never closed Guantanamo. What happened to giving terrorists their day in court? “War on Terror” is no longer in our vocabulary, but Obama’s actions are insidiously more dangerous. The silence from the Left is deafening. Nobel Peace Prize: Seriously?

Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, DOMA and Obama’s sudden “evolution” on gay marriage was all a political calculation to energize a disappointed base. Obama plays Santa Claus handing out gifts to illegal immigrants, gays, college students, single women.

The Affordable Care Act will cost three times its original estimate, premiums are rising, businesses not hiring, cannot keep your doctor and $716 billion taken from Medicare to pay for Obama Care; so says non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

Obama “formed coalition for the Arab Spring.” Obama ignored the Iranian youth’s freedom cries and thousands die in Syria. Leading from behind is weak and embarrassing.

Obama’s economy created a generation of CENGA, College Educated Not Going Anywhere. Jon Stewart joked the faded Obama poster has gone from Hope to Cope.

Dodd-Frank continues “too big to fail” and ignored Fannie and Freddie’s participation in the crisis allowing democratic donors to walk away with millions.

Obama’s speeches on civility are hypocritical. His campaign and surrogates call Romney a murderer, felon and tax cheat. Obama’s election strategy in an e-mail “kill Romney.” How far we’ve come from crucifying Sarah Palin for using bulls-eyes on election maps.

Correction, the 50% of Americans who pay taxes bailed out the auto industry. Most of it went to unions and we will never be repaid $25 billion while GM went bankrupt anyway. The auto industry accounts for 700,000 jobs but Vice President Biden boasts they saved one million jobs. Subtracting Ford, who refused a bailout and non-union workers who lost jobs, shows how math is never a Democrat’s strong suit.

Obama joked about the stimulus, “shovel-ready jobs were not so shovel-ready,” an $800 billion joke on us.

Obama rejected Simpson Bowles recommendations. Obama forms committees then sits on his hands accomplishing nothing. Talk is overrated with this president.

By grading himself an incomplete, Obama admitted he failed and wants a do over. Reading over Camarro’s list reminds us how Obama failed at the most important goal which was putting 23 million Americans back to work.


Jack Foley


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