Congress needs to focus on saving the United States

To the Editor:

The government of the United States must protect and defend its citizens by declaring an economic war to save our nation. We have been losing an economic war with China and Japan for many years.

We must end to our 60 years of unwinnable military war.  We must pull our troops out of the Middle East and concentrate all of our energy, planning, expertise and finance the rebuilding our industry. We cannot compete with the Chinese and Japanese governments who are financing their industries with billions of dollars.

Our government must bring home industries from China, turn Detroit from bankruptcy to a modern auto industry with government backing. Our nation cannot afford to give billions in worldwide financial aid while our cities, states and government faces bankruptcy and deep deficits.

Our families deserve good paying jobs. We must manufacture and buy millions of dollars of products with a “Made in America” label. We will have to cancel free trade for fair trade. Instead of high taxes and laws against our manufacturers and small business, we must lighten taxes on our businesses and use taxes to control imports .

We must have laws to stop the selling off of our natural resources, industries. We must be aware the British own much of our water, oil and forests, while we are forced to pay whatever gas prices demanded by the wealthy Middle East oil lords.

I have been fighting the sell-out of our industry and natural resources since 1992 when the Connecticut Post published my letter titled, “Gearing up for a peacetime war.” I wrote, “We are in a recession and rapidly entering a depression.”

Many economic experts and media continue to claim the recession has been over since 2002 and the economy is improving. Try explaining that to the bankrupt Detroit governor or the 18 million unemployed people or the millions of others trying to earn a decent living, struggling with two or three low paying jobs and others losing their homes.

In the meantime, we hope Congress enjoys their month-long vacation.


Dick De Witt


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