Chris Murphy misrepresents

To the Editor:

Newly-minted senator, Chris Murphy, made a public appearance in a Southport library on Saturday. If you attended you had to write your questions beforehand for his staff to review. As it turned out, all our informed, direct questions were ignored by his staff and only agreeable and open-ended questioners were called to the microphone. As silver-tongued as the young senator is, this censoring illustrates his fear of defending his record directly to those who are informed about its details.

While holding the mic he made numerous misrepresentations of the issues — I’ll highlight just three of them here. First, while speaking on his vision of gun control he stated “there are no absolute rights” — curiously the exact phrase asserted by Jim Himes several weeks ago. In support, he cited “you can’t yell fire in this room” in the library, as a way to illustrate you don’t have absolute free speech.

This is a deflecting misrepresentation — you’re free to yell fire outside and other places, just not in public buildings in the absence of fire. This doesn’t justify outlawing specific guns, it merely equates to if we own an AR-15, we just can’t bring it into public buildings where guns are prohibited. What his statement does represent is the inexorable erosion of our unalienable rights via the assertion that congress can legislate limits on constitutionally protected freedoms. I wonder what other freedoms Messrs. Murphy and Himes believe they can curtail.

Second, he stated that healthcare insurance costs are holding steady under Obamacare. As rapid realization of the law’s impact sinks in across the country every month, this is another unbridled misrepresentation of fact. The health insurance consultant for Greenwich just advised that the town’s premiums will increase $30 million over the next five years solely as the result of Obamacare. That’s a 32% cost increase strictly as a result of legislation Mr. Murphy co-authored as a congressman.

Finally, the young senator stated that he represents our interests in congress. Actually, according to the Constitution, he represents the interests of the state of Connecticut — yes, he represents the interests of the political entity of Connecticut to the federal government.

Senators were originally elected by the state legislatures for this purpose, but their popular election was enacted by the 17th Amendment, pushed by the progressives. Now, most senators, like Murphy, consider themselves super-congressmen, free to cater to, divide and pit various groups to achieve election, rather than stand up for the rights of their states in the face of ever-expanding power and mandates of the Federal government.

Yes, three months in and the ungrounded mindset of a 39-year-old who intends to be senator for life is laid bare for all to see. God help us all if minds such as these solidify their hold on the “greatest deliberative body on earth.”

Bob MacGuffie


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